Tennis Academy Programs

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Whether you are looking to enjoy this great game of tennis strictly recreationally or have ambitions to pursue it professionally; only Montana Tennis Academy, of Miami’s various tennis training centers, is able to comfortably encompass these three key attributes: a first-rate facility high quality individualized programs; and competent caring professionals to teach them. Our programs are ‘progressive’by design they stress sound fundamentals in the physical and mental skills involved. And if your desire is to attain a high level in order to win a college scholarship or even become a professional, we have the ability and experience to help you hone your emotional (‘mental toughness’) skill as well.


Our Approach and Goal — Our training program is designed to develop each athlete in four areas: technical, tactical, physical and psychological, thus ensuring the player’s complete development. It is our program’s goal that each players will fulfill his/her potential through the solidification of a universal, dominating and aggressive individual game style. This systematic approach is accomplished through the implementation of an annual training and competitive plan. This planning process is essential to the player’s success and is based on the principle of periodization. The primary objective of periodization is to ensure proper peaking of the athlete during the main training periods and competitions of the year.

Technical / Tactical — Emphasis is placed on developing the player’s technical and tactical skills in the five situations of play: serving, returning, rallying, approaching and passing according to each player’s own style. The integration of the development of technical and tactical skills is implemented through a comprehensive yet simple coaching methodology. Emphasis is placed on providing proper volume and intensity of training and match ratio conducive to peaking as laid down in the annual training and competitive plan.

Physical Program — The mission of the physical training program is to challenge each individual to reach his or her full physical potential, while paying particular attention to the basic principles of periodization as they apply to each athlete. In order to achieve this, a comprehensive physical testing regimen is implemented at selected times throughout the year, to evaluate and determine the overall fitness level of each player.

Movement Training — At Montana Tennis Academy, movement training is separated from the core conditioning program to emphasize its importance. A specialized program has been developed to help each athlete learn how to move more efficiently on the court. By performing movement skills on the court, as opposed to off the court, we create a much better learning environment. Athletes who are trained to be faster in the 40-yard dash, off the tennis court, are not necessarily quicker to the short ball on the tennis court. But by learning how to move with our ‘On-Court’ movement training program, each athlete is armed with the specific movement skills necessary to reach that short ball in record time and with appropriate balance.

Mental Toughness (Emotional Skill) — The focus of the mental training program is to guide each student along a path of mental competitiveness, while teaching him/her to cope with the psychological demands of the competitive arena. Students will learn to compete by using such strategies as goal-setting, time management,body language control, centering, thought selection, relaxation, and the likes.

Daily Program — Montana Tennis Academy are integrated to ensure optimal development of our players while providing enough rest for proper regeneration between classes.

Competitive Program — The competitive program is established at the beginning of the season for each athlete as part of the annual training and competitive plan process. It is our goal to develop players who love competing. As a result, players in Montana Tennis Academy program participate frequently in tournaments by the Florida Tennis Association.